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Unisa black rubber wellies

Black rubber ankle boots with elastic rib sock and soft remo..

Unisa green suede Chelsea boots

Olive green suede boots with elastic and zipper and comforta..
€149,00 €99,00

Unisa lambswool lined boots patent leather

Boots in beige crackle patent leather with zipper on the out..
€179,00 €129,00

Unisa black leather boots with elastic neoprene

Black leather ankle boots with elasticated neoprene sock and..
€139,00 €89,00

Unisa black leather loafers with rubber sole

Loafers in smooth and printed leather. Track sole and SuperS..
€139,00 €79,00

Unisa platform chelsea boots with heel taupe suede

Feminine chelsea boot with a cool, chunky platform sole and ..

Unisa taupe suede chelsea boots

Suede boots with elastic and zip closure and comfortable Sup..
€149,00 €99,00

Unisa taupe leather boots with wedge heels

Comfortable zip boots made of supple soft leather.
€149,00 €119,00

Unisa taupe suede wedge loafers

Taupe suede loafers with high sole and dark silver toned cha..
€119,00 €79,00

Unisa black suede wedge loafers

Black suede loafers with high sole and gold toned chain on t..
€119,00 €79,00

Unisa Terrat sandal green suede

Light weight sandal in light olive green suede with wood loo..
€99,00 €79,00

Unisa Cabru Blu slipper with cork footbed beige

Comfortable sandal with soft cork footbed and braided straps..
€69,00 €59,00

Unisa Gatika sandal with platform brown leather

Platform sandal with interlace strap of natural leather with..
€110,00 €69,00

Unisa sandal Ilobi black leather

Lightweight sandal in black leather with a wood-look platfor..
€99,00 €59,00

Unisa sandal Irita green suede

Lightweight sandal in green suède with a wood-look platform..
€89,00 €49,00

Unisa Jina chelsea black suède

Half high boots with elastic closure.
€159,00 €99,00

Unisa klassieke black leather chelsea boots

Leather Chelsea ankle boots with elastic insert and flexible..
€119,00 €99,00

Unisa Lezama short stretch boots black

Ankle high stretch boots in black fabric.
€129,00 €99,00

Unisa Claris brown leather sandal

Ladies sandal of brown leather with reptile pattern printed ..
€110,00 €39,00

Unisa Claris yellow leather sandal

Ladies sandal of yellow leather with reptile pattern printed..
€110,00 €39,00

Unisa sandal Ottis brown leather

Sandal in brown leather with wood look platform sole.
€89,00 €49,00

Unisa espadrilles Jacer brown

Espadrilles of brown suede with white rubber sole.
€99,00 €49,00

Unisa espadrilles Lambada green suède

Espadrilles in green suede and with a rough white sole.
€99,00 €49,00

Unisa Dalcy loafer yellow lizard

Yellow leather ladies loafer with reptile print and gold col..
€110,00 €59,00


Unisa is an internationally renowned Spanish shoe brand. The models are characterized by the wearing comfort and the high quality of the raw materials used. That is why many women trust and follow the brand. A company that adapts fashion to the life and comfort of everyday women. Unisa's mission is to provide customers with fashionable, comfortable and high-quality shoes at good prices.


Unisa started in Spain in the 1970s as a shoe brand that only exported to the United States. Fortunately, Unisa has now become a very well-known brand on the Spanish and European markets. The switch took place after two businessmen, Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta met. These two experienced shoe manufacturers based in Elda had already introduced several brands and, following their own family traditions, they merged their companies with the aim of launching their products on the European continent.


Unisa's main commitment is to comfort. The company's labs conduct daily experiments aimed at developing more comfortable, lightweight shoes with better lasts, in order to produce trendy yet practical footwear. A perfect combination between shoe technology and fashion. UNISA products are designed for the professional, modern woman, who not only takes care of her appearance, but also needs good footwear for everyday use. Shoes for crossing the street, attending a meeting, jumping on the subway and even a party or a romantic date.

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Gratis verzending vanaf €50,- binnen NL
Binnen twee dagen geleverd
De beste service
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